What is an Executive Fan?

The Executive Fan
2 min readJul 26, 2021

When I first started reaching out to people in the music industry, I was told by multiple people that I “lacked focus” or “wanted to do too much”. While I appreciate the advice, I personally disagree. It’s cool to be great at one thing, but I don’t want to do that; I want to be great at everything. What’s important to remember is that people are always going to assume your capabilities; some of us have crazy ADHD/OCD brain (like me), and thrive off of being super busy and having a lot of projects.

After 5 years in the music business in various departments and roles, I realized that the current jobs that are available have strong departmental boundaries and often do not utilize all of the skills that make each of us great. Working on the independent side, most labels/artists do not have large teams or even multiple departments, so everyone is collaborating in all areas. It is time that we make a change in the industry, for that reason I created The Executive Fan.

This year, I will be taking on new clients (that I am choosing and reaching out to directly) and developing a training program along with my business partner Janie Jennings. The Executive Fan certification would involve a 6 month program learning the music business from a view of all departments and my process in executing the role. I am super excited to get started and start teaching others to use their role as a fan in a more effective and beneficial way.

If you are interested in getting more information when the certification program launches, please fill out this interest form! https://forms.gle/kLoaWEmk3m34Jdtd8

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The Executive Fan

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