Q&A with Kye Browning (2019 Programming and Event Director @ XLIVE/2021 Director of ESports @ US Sports Camps)- 2019 vs 2021

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8 min readAug 10, 2021

Name Kye Browning

When did you first get into the events industry? Summer 2007

What area of events are you most interested in and why? My favorite thing is creating opportunities for attendees to experience. For months on end, you work tirelessly on creating these different experiences or different educational tracks; and on paper they look good and at the event they actually come to life and you can see them come to fruition. You put all this hard work into in and then seeing everybody’s reaction is really cool.

Company Background

(2021) US Sports Camps

Short description of company “2021 will be our 47th year in business. When Charlie Hoeveler began US Sports Camps back in 1975, he was already a lifelong tennis player who now holds 50 USTA National titles. The idea came from Charlie’s involvement with tennis legend Billie Jean King and her associates who had created TennisAmerica (TA), a multi-site network of camps featuring well known “celebrity” coaches. Although the TA camps were considered among the best, most prestigious destination tennis programs in the country, the company just wasn’t profitable. When TA folded in 1975, Billie Jean and her associates hired Charlie to correct the flaws and reinvent the youth camp experience on a whole new level in ways that would also be economically sustainable. That first year Charlie and the fledgling US Sports Camps served a total of 150 “campers” … by 1986 Charlie had worked his way into an ownership position and that year USSC served 2,000 campers. That’s when Charlie knew his idea was a winner. He left his full time job and took over operations of USSC. In 1990 USSC hosted 5,000 young athletes. In 1995, 12,000. And the rest, as they say, is history…”

Role and responsibilities Director of ESports Camps. Overseeing working with existing partners and onboarding

(2019) XLive

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