Program Review: Tour Collective

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3 min readSep 20, 2021

About the Program

  • Program is hosted by Tour Collective
  • Course Format: 1 (8 Modules) On-Demand Virtual Course
  • Enrollment Link:
  • Cost: $597 with optional add-ons

The Course

Module 1: How to Secure Your Job

Module 2: How to Get Started in Your Job

Module 3: How to Create Your Tour Budget

Module 4: How to Advance Your Tour

Module 5: What You Should Focus on Day of Show

Module 6: How to Settle Your Show

Module 7: How to Create Your Road Report

Module 8: How to Lead Your Team Better on the Road

What I liked about the program content:

  • I was able to finish the course in 10 days, but you have access for 1 year
  • The course is being taught by actual tour managers, they are very open about their experiences whether good or bad. Riley and Jesse are great, they give you an inside look into some of their successes and failures. Nobody’s perfect and they don’t tell you to expect for everything to go exactly as expected and that is really important.
  • You can download the Tour Manager Resource pack which includes all of the templates that are needed to be successful; it an easy way to keep all of the information on hand and you can download it and edit them for use
  • There is a correlating workbook so you can apply the knowledge and understand why each thing is done

Who should try this program?

  • High School Students who are considering a career in touring (10/10)
  • Independent Artists who intend to do shows but may not have access to a team (10/10 should take)
  • Anyone interested in a career on the road (10/10 should take) knowing the skills and processes of a TM is great for any position on the road (merch, VIP Programs, production) you never know when your TM may get sick or step away for an emergency and if you’re able to step up and fill in for someone all new doors are open to you



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