Program Review: NYU TISCH x Billboard- Music Industry Essentials

The Executive Fan
4 min readJul 19, 2021

About the Program

  • Program is hosted on Yellowbrick by a partnership of NYU Tisch: Clive Davis Institute x Billboard
  • Course Format: 6 Interactive Virtual Classes to be completed for Non-Credit Certificate
  • Application Link:
  • Cost: $999 (payment plans/scholarships available)
  • You must pay in full before you can request the NYU Certificate

The Courses

What I liked about the program content:

  • I am not an artist, I am more on the business side; however, this was a pretty good starting point for learning the artist development process. My hope is to work directly with artists focusing on development and branding and this gave me the chance to explore that.
  • My favorite assignment was the “Creating Music Media” Assignment. When I started this class, I was living in Philly and in the job hunting process. I chose to focus on PNB Rock because he was one of the artists that I was targeting at the time. Both Rock and his manager…



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