Program Review: HubSpot Social Media Marketing

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2 min readJan 31, 2022

About the Program

The Courses

What I liked about the program content:

  • It it only takes 4.15hrs
  • The videos are short so it is very easy to stay focused
  • You can download the course transcript (conveniently outlined in a notes format) and Powerpoints; it an easy way to keep all of the information on hand
  • There is a correlating workbook so you can apply the knowledge and use a guide in other projects
  • There are really good course attachments (blog posts, articles, guides) with each lesson

Who should try this program?

  • High School Students who are considering majoring in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Business, Entrepreneurship or who are creatives, artists, influencers (10/10)
  • Independent Artists (10/10 should take)
  • Anyone interested in a career as a creatives, artist, or influencer (10/10 should take)
  • Anyone interested in a career in the entertainment business (10/10)
  • Literally anyone, social media knowledge is important no matter what industry you are in (10/10)

Personal Thoughts

  • This is an “at your own pace” program, I did the whole program 4hrs straight
  • Download all of the course transcripts so you can go back to them later
  • You can use this information in work or your personal life, learn how to manage and monetize your personal socials for side income
  • Make sure you download the templates (they are free!) Social Media Planning Template (this is actually what I already use at my current job, highly recommend) & Crisis Communication and Management
  • The quizzes are super easy, make sure you go through the lesson transcripts before taking the exam. It is 70 questions from 4hrs of content and you have to wait 12hrs to take it again if you don’t pass



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