Program Review: Berklee College of Music- Music Business Specialization

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2 min readAug 16, 2021

About the Program

  • Hosted on Coursera by Berklee College of Music
  • Course Format: 4 Interactive Virtual Classes to be completed for Non-Credit Certificate
  • Enrollment Link:
  • Cost: 7 Day Free Trial, then $39/month (I completed the whole program during the trial, it can be done if you are committed)

The Courses

  • Music Business Foundations
  • Building Your Career in Music: Developing A Brand and Funding Your Music
  • Copyright Law in the Music Business
  • Creativity And Entrepreneurship

What I liked about the program content:

  • It wasn’t hard to complete quickly, I started and finished the 4 courses in under 5 days
  • The assignments are quizzes and discussion boards, no time consuming projects
  • The price, I did pay for 1 month after the trial, but $29 from a well known university is so cheap in comparison to other programs that I have done

Who should try this program?

  • High School Students who are considering majoring in music industry related majors (10/10)
  • Independent Artists (10/10 should take)
  • Anyone interested in a career in the music industry (10/10 should take)

Personal Thoughts

  • This is an “at your own pace” program, you can keep the cost down and complete it quickly or you can run your bank account if you are unmotivated
  • This is a really good intro if you are planning on going to college in a music related major. Take the class before you start applying and see if it is really what you want so you don’t waste a semester of your money on a major you don’t actually want. It probably looks great on college applications!
  • The content is super boring, but necessary. It really gives you a good starting point and base knowledge that can ultimately guide you in figuring out what departments you hate and what you think you actually may be interested in



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