Free Game: Networking 101

The Executive Fan
5 min readSep 27, 2021


When you have minimal expectations it is super easy to get really excited when you get a response. Rejection isn’t just a “No, we aren’t hiring” or “Sorry, you don’t have the experience we are looking for”, it’s the fact that 90% of people may never see your email or see it and don’t respond. Don’t lose hope, continue to follow up every few months with the people you are really interested in working with.


Do something that makes people remember you. My main focus precovid was touring and events, so I created a business card that looked like an All Access Pass and I would go to concerts and give them to anyone with a tour lanyard (merch, production, managers, engineers, artists), no stone left unturned. My business card design matches my resume design and my personal website design (all done by me, no white backgrounds and standard formats). If you want to work in a creative space you have to present yourself in a creative way. Y’all see my name on here is “ThatGirlInTheSweats”. I wear sweats everywhere I go (video shoots, restaurants, events, clubs, work or not), I don’t care where I am I’m in a sweatshirt or sweatpants, that’s my thing…that is my brand.


When you are just starting out and have no contacts, I recommend this site

A monthly subscription is $35. I started by searching all of the artists that I like, finding their management, PR contacts, and agents. This is super worth it, I start here and then I keep track of the emails, then I add them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Follow the companies, follow the people, follow the artists. Take the time to reach them in all avenues. Especially in Rap/Hip Hop, the easiest way to get noticed is through social media. The important thing is that they keep seeing your name pop up, but don’t be annoying follow them on all platforms and only send a message once every 6 months alternating platforms.

The Executive Fan

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