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3 min readAug 23, 2021

During my internship with Industry Works, my boss knew that I don’t have a specific direction outside of the fact that I want anything I do to be focused on music. She asked me to outline all of the department/roles that I am interested in, so that she can customize the projects that I am involved in.

So here is what I came up with:

As you can see, there were many different avenues that I wanted to explore. With much of these positions being roles that are hired on a freelance/contract basis, this is super doable (even though it looks crazy).

This was created about 1 year ago…so here is my update on what I have been involved in since then

  1. Education: Curriculum Consulting. I am currently auditing a program for 1500 Sound Academy and assisting with licensing their program. I just finished Tour Collective’s “How to be a Tour Manager” program and will also be assisting with licensing their program. Janie and I are creating a Music Business Education Platform called Mind Your Music Biz.
  2. Education: Music Industry Mentoring Program. In the fall, I will be a mentor at my college STHM Temple University for their new Event and Entertainment Management major. I am also working on a Vo-Tech Training program called The Executive Fan Certificate through Mind Your Music Biz, to mentor and train those who are interested in learning the music business and how to monetize yourself as a fan consultant.
  3. Graphic Design: Merch Design. I have done merch design pitches for G Herbo’s 25 Capsule.
  4. Graphic Design: Web Design. Samantha Juels, Industry Works, Mind Your Music Biz, Nia Kay all designed by me.
  5. Graphic Design: Content Creation. I have done EPKs for Twista, Bosswood, Nia Kay, Michael Leto, Torrian Ball; One Sheets for Burga, K Michelle, Nia Kay, Janie Jennings, and myself; Logos for Mind Your Music Biz, Smash Town, Hannah Blumenstock, The Vibez, Nuwavez Digital Solutions, and myself for SJ Unlimited, ThatGirlInTheSweats, and The Executive Fan.
  6. Label: A&R. A&R Admin at Machine Entertainment Group, part of the 25 team. A&R Admin at Industry Works.
  7. Label: Label Set-Ups. Working at Industry Works, I have been involved in the label set-ups of 7 different Label/Publishing…



The Executive Fan

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