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When you have minimal expectations it is super easy to get really excited when you get a response. Rejection isn’t just a “No, we aren’t hiring” or “Sorry, you don’t have the experience we are looking for”, it’s the fact that 90% of people may never…

About the Program

  • Program is hosted by Tour Collective
  • Course Format: 1 (8 Modules) On-Demand Virtual Course
  • Enrollment Link: https://tourcollective.co/course
  • Cost: $597 with optional add-ons

The Course

Module 1: How to Secure Your Job

Module 2: How to Get Started in Your Job

Module 3: How to Create Your Tour…

Name: Charlene Bryant

Location: From Canton, OH; Currently based in Nashville, TN

Company: Riveter Management, a full service Management Company that caters to any artist, any genre and when I say any artist I don’t mean just musical, we are now dabbling into TV and Film as well.

What is…

During my internship with Industry Works, my boss knew that I don’t have a specific direction outside of the fact that I want anything I do to be focused on music. …

About the Program

  • Hosted on Coursera by Berklee College of Music
  • Course Format: 4 Interactive Virtual Classes to be completed for Non-Credit Certificate
  • Enrollment Link: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/music-business?
  • Cost: 7 Day Free Trial, then $39/month (I completed the whole program during the trial, it can be done if you are committed)


Name Kye Browning

When did you first get into the events industry? Summer 2007

What area of events are you most interested in and why? My favorite thing is creating opportunities for attendees to experience. For months on end, you work tirelessly on creating these different experiences or different educational…


Isaiah Rashad- The House Is Burning (July 30)

I don’t really know what Chattanooga, Tennessee’s sound is, but I definitely wasn’t expecting the blend of RnB/California Hip Hop to be the outcome. I really love Isaiah Rashad’s voice and flow in pair with the great production on this album. His…

When I first started reaching out to people in the music industry, I was told by multiple people that I “lacked focus” or “wanted to do too much”. While I appreciate the advice, I personally disagree. It’s cool to be great at one thing, but I don’t want to do…

About the Program

  • Program is hosted on Yellowbrick by a partnership of NYU Tisch: Clive Davis Institute x Billboard
  • Course Format: 6 Interactive Virtual Classes to be completed for Non-Credit Certificate
  • Application Link: https://www.yellowbrick.co/apply/?program=music
  • Cost: $999 (payment plans/scholarships available)
  • You must pay in full before you can request the NYU…


Hi, my name is Samantha Juels. I do cool things in music. Check me out @ www.samanthajuels.com

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